Recovery Strategy


Police Department of District Jhang is in the process of implementing an effective and multi-pronged anti cattle-rustling strategy. The Department has recovered many stolen cattle in recent crackdowns.

The key features of the recovery strategy are as below:

  • Preventive detention of rassagirs (patrons)
  • Publishing a black book of habitual cattle rustlers
  • Establishing police pickets at all district entry-exit points
  • Monitoring of transportation of cattle within and outside the district from sunset to sunrise

In order to make this strategy a success, Police require an effective participation and feedback from the rural community. Police Department of District Jhang understands that Internet is not a very effective medium for reaching out to the people in the villages. We do not intend to employ the traditional and cumbersome method of theekri-pehra (volunteer watchmen) to prevent this crime, which causes great inconvenience to the people.


The District Police, Jhang has arrested several notorious and most wanted car and motor cycle lifters in recent operations with the support of the Anti-Vehicle Lifting Cells' team. These offenders have confessed of lifting vehicles from various districts of Punjab including Sialkot, Gujrat, M.B Din, Hafizabad, Narowal and Gujranwala. While most of these cars and motor cycles were smuggled to the different provinces of Pakistan, while a few of them were being sold and used locally. Vehicles laboratory tests were performed on these cars and motor cycles to decipher the original chassis / engine numbers and identify the owners. Later on hand over the keys of cars and motor cycles to their actual owners.