Model Police Station

World has now turned into a global village and this phenomenon is only due to the age of information technology. Keeping in view the new international trends in policing, Punjab Govt. has taken a step further in organizing police structure and its effectiveness through PROMIS (Police Record & Office Management Information System). Model Police Station Mochiwala & Model police Station Shorkot City is now working efficiently in District Jhang. PROMIS aims at computerization of FIRs, its related updates, record of criminals (POs etc.), daily crime bulletin, data of vehicle theft/snatching & entries of all registers at Police Station level. It is, therefore, ensures effective Automation of Police Stations’ record and office management system of various Police Branches. In short, due to this system (PROMIS), Jhang Police is fulfilling all the international standards of a police organization.

Sketch Making

Police Department of District Jhang has also taken initiative for Forensic art. Forensic art is any art used in law enforcement or legal proceedings. Within this field are such skills as composite drawing, crime scene sketching, image modification and image identification, courtroom drawings, demonstrative evidence, and postmortem and facial approximation aids. Not every forensic artist uses all of these skills. The skill of facial approximation is closely associated and related to forensic anthropology in that an artist specializes in the reconstruction of the remains of a human body. Generally this discipline focuses on the human face for identification purposes.

Rescue 15

Jhang Police has also taken initiative to upgrade Rescue 15 with Digital system to chase the Modern world. District Jhang Police has initiative to  introduce GPS tracking and digital monitoring for the fleet of  vehicles (patrol vehicles of police stations & police posts, headquarter vehicles including trucks, buses, prison vans, and ambulances). Live speed, track of movement with 90 days history, stops & restarts along with live positions and mileage of the vehicles will be monitored through GPS trackers. GPS monitors will controls following activities:

  • If any mobile van will remains static for more than 30 minutes at any point, it will be intimated to change the position and follow the proper patrolling SOPs
  • If any mobile van will go out of order the patrolling officer will promptly inform GPS control.  To handle such situation patrolling team establishes a picket for random checking of vehicles and will report back to GPS control about their performance
  • If any mobile van will be engaged for a secret mission, concerned station house officer will inform the GPS control before departure
  • At the end of every month fuel consumption report for every mobile van will be prepared according to the monthly mileage recorded through GPS system
  • General Positioning System will be integrated with the Wireless Control and will soon be integrated with the Rescue 15

Police Station Record Management System

PSRMS is an initiative of the Punjab Police in an effort to improve the efficiency of the department by making the records readily available to police officers. The system has not only proven to be successful in accelerating the investigation process, but also streamlined the overall FIR system. This web-based online application has digitized the complete FIR life-cycle from launching an FIR, nominating a culprit, investigation and court proceeding details, to the final process of case closure.  It covers and up-date automatically all corresponding registers of FIR. The FIR system has not only enhanced the security, but also synchronized the activities of police stations in districts; successfully achieving the cost and time effectiveness. Furthermore, it also enabled any supervisory officer to efficiently monitor the progress of cases.

Human Resource Management System

The Punjab Police Human Resource Management System is a complete and secure HR Database with advanced reporting capabilities combination of systems and processes that connect human resource management and information technology. You can generate reports with ease using a variety of filters and selection criteria.  The HR function consists of tracking existing employee data which traditionally includes personal histories, skills, capabilities, accomplishments and salary. To reduce the manual workload of these administrative activities, Punjab Police began to electronically automate many of these processes by introducing specialized human resource management systems. HR executives rely on internal or external IT professionals to develop and maintain an integrated HRMS which may help to revolutionize a workplace, capture & review attendance and timesheet data to increase efficiency and productivity. You can also connect your biometric devices via an API with this flexible attendance management module.

HR management systems enabled higher administrative control over the traditional manual system. Currently human resource management systems encompass the following:

  • Personal Information
  • Qualifications
  • Training Courses
  • Skills
  • Promotions
  • Transfer Postings
  • Rewards
  • Punishments
  • Show-Cause Notices
  • Departmental Proceedings
  • Suspension
  • Criminal Record
  • Judicial Inquiries
  • Psychological Profile
  • Medical Profile
  • Leave Account Management
  • Items Issued Officially
  • Annual Confidential Report
  • Assets
  • Bio-Metric Attendance